Road Traveling Safety Tips

With the holiday season here, many of us have plans to travel to spend time with family and friends. It is not uncommon that many vehicle owners aren’t at all prepared to meet an emergency on the road. While it is very good to be insured with roadside assistance, it is still important to know what to do while waiting for help to get to you.

Here are 5 very important things to keep handy and in mind while on the road.

1. Have an Emergency Kit Ready

Emergency kits come in handy during a roadside emergency. There is a variety of kits to choose from, and some include tools like jumping cables, a reflective warning triangle sign, ropes, blankets, flash lights, air compressors and a basic first aid kit. In addition to that, you may want to add water and snacks, paper towels and wipes and pet safety accessories for your convenience.

2. Move Your Vehicle from the Busy Road Most major highways set a speed limit of 65-70 miles per hour. If you must stop, make sure you turn your hazard lights on. This action will let other drivers know you are having trouble with your vehicle and most likely will take caution while they drive near you. When safe to do so, move your car away from the busy road. This will put you out of further danger. Go to the nearest emergency lane, if there’s any, or park your car on the side of the road.

3. Make Yourself Visible As soon as you have moved to a safer place, exit your car from the passenger’s side and away from traffic. Take out your warning signs. Position it a few feet away from the back and the front your car to warn drivers to slow down and to avoid any collision. It will also let your roadside assistance service where to find you when they arrive.

4. Stay Alert At All Times Once you made your car visible to other drivers, be alert. Continue being watchful of approaching vehicles. Stay inside your car making sure that you and your passengers have seat belts on and if you have pets, keep them at ease. Pets are very sensitive to their owners reactions.

5. Wait With Patience For your safety, remain inside your vehicle until help arrives. If your vehicle breaks down in a dangerous place, then notify your roadside assistance service and wait for help in the nearest safe place.

Additional travel safety tips can be found in the Texas Department Of Public Safety

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