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For first-time landowners, acquainting oneself with the land is the initial step in the process of knowing what you need to protect. Understanding what activities take place on your farmland is paramount for identifying potential liabilities and what type of coverage you need.

Consider the following:

  • Assess farmland activities: Determine the primary activities conducted on your land, such as crop cultivation or livestock rearing. This identification will highlight the specific risks for which you should seek insurance coverage.
  • Identify operational risks: Be mindful of farming operations and features that could pose liabilities, such as weed spraying, fence maintenance, or cattle grazing. Additionally, any commercial ventures, like a produce stand, introduce unique liability concerns. Activities such as hunting, which may bring visitors onto your property, should also be considered. Building a strong rapport with your lessee farmer or rancher can aid in this assessment process.
  • Are you a new landowner or leasing land? “How you use the land determines the specific liabilities you are exposed to. As a new farmland owner, think about how you plan to use the land today and, in the future,” said Nationwide Senior Consultant Erin Cumings. “Any activities that take place on that land create exposure and the type of activity and exposure can vary significantly.”

Whether new to owning or renting farmland, currently farming, or retired, the future of your farmland matters most. At The Copeland Group, we understand the value of your land investment, we can help keep you and your farmland protected. Call us today for a free quote or to ask questions about your current Farm and Land policy.

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