Dawn’s Story: A bump on the road.


One of the most dreaded words mentioned at any doctor’s appointment. For most, it equals a spiral down to deep, dark places. But for Dawn, one of our very own agents at The Copeland Group, meant this: the fight is on and I am winning!

With no history of cancer in her family and only 32 years of age, Dawn started noticing some kind of what it looked like cellulite around the breast area close to the armpit. “ Cancer does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any age, family history or not.”

Dawn advocates that early detection truly saved her life. When she was told her biopsy came back precancerous, Dawn did not think twice and asked that her full left breast be removed as soon as possible. “There is lots of assistance out there for people battling breast cancer, including breast reconstruction. You have to think of it as a bump on the road and you will get pass it. Don’t let it defeat you.”

Dawn started winning the fight when she decided to aggressively fight back negative and discouraging thoughts as well as taking all measures to ensure she will live to see her kid grow. In spite of her disease and facing separation, Dawn pressed on. After her surgery, she went through a series of reconstructive surgeries that lasted about a year, but thankfully she did not undergo chemotherapy. “ The surgery is not the hard part, it is the chemo and radiation. If you don’t have surgery quick, then it will be harder in the long-run”, she said.

It has been almost 12 years of remission and although she goes back for her yearly check ups, she makes a decision daily to not live in worry. “Worry, stress is the worst for cancer, I am trying to live life at ease. Don’t let it defeat you, go back to work as soon as you can, continue your normal routine, if you let depression get you it will defeat you because if affects your immune system.”

Dawn did not have it easy, but she found comfort in prayer, her grandmother, parents and her doctor who kept telling her, “this is just a bump on the road.”

We, at The Copeland Group, honor Dawn and all those who fought relentlessly and survived to see more years to come, but we also remember those who are no longer among us. And we want to create awareness and stir up motivation among our community. As Dawn says and cannot stress enough, “early detection is a big factor in saving your life.”

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